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Behalf of Pat Naprapa Tuntrakul that the channel has always been feeding work seems as though shes more outstanding than any of the other neks in the same generation. She has confronted with many rumours including being domineering and intrusive, until being a replacement in a lakorn today Pat is ready to open up on who she really is and answer every hidden corners, and also about her love.

How is work?

Lakorns I have are “Mafia Tee Ruk” that is about to on-air, lakorns that are filming are “King Kaew Ka Fark ”. The feedback of “Mae Krua Kon Mai” that has just ended was good and other lakorns is also good, I have to say all are good I don’t want to choose which ones better because I do my best in all my work. This year is working year it’s a great opportunity, we work to the fullest. I dont always have to be nek just having work is plentiful, we work our best it depends on the character, what people will remember more or when the lakorn on-airs.

How do you feel being titled “N’ek Look Ruk” ?

Its good ka, its good that they have respect for us for being a favourite daughter in the waves of news. People still talk about you its better than no one knowing you.

How long have you been in the industry for?

Ive been with channel 3 for 3 years now. I started coming into the entertainment at 11-12 years old, I was in the model industry, also taking photoshoots in teen magazine, being in MV’s, Ive started to play lakorns at 18-19. Being in the entertainment industry Ive only seen the good points, I haven’t seen the faults because its depends on how we behave and conduct ourselves. I didn’t crave to step into the biz, but I entered on my own and not having to compete or find a stage.

So, the entering of Pat is like a ladder

Starting from being an extra until today being a n’ek , everything has its own stages, its nothing exciting or fascinating, we are actresses we just work to the utmost.

How do you plan your life being an actress?

Everyone would want to stay in the biz as long as they could but it depends on there period of work ,it relies on the condition and many things, how we conduct and how much responsibility we have in our work . If you let me decide on my future I wouldn’t hope a lot, one day if i don’t have any work coming in, I would probably go find another career like air hostess, or build my own business I’d go think again later. But now we need to have responsibility which is needed in our work today. Being on-time or how we conduct it doesnt stay beside us but its up to the people close by and our ability.

And about behaving herself, Pat is Pat

I stay in the biz being myself is best, better than changing youself. Its not that today im going to be a nek, I need to be pretty, be bright and cute when in front of other people, this is called “gaan wang dua tee saang keun” (creating a new conduct) but being myself is more relieveing. No matter in front or behind im always me. There might be times where im self-confident , all parents teach there kids to have confidence in themselves, Im not wrong being confident and im confident having “gaan tay sa” (rights) that is what I was learnt and what my parent taught me.

What style were you raised?

My mother would see education as most important, that’s why today I havent left education. I was taught this eversince I was a kid. My mother would tell me to learn to do things on my own like house chores, she would teach me all besides cooking. Im good at wiping, sweeping around the house I had to learn everything. She also taught me not to be “look ngae” (ungrown kid). Im not a “koon noo” a lot of people might see me as bold, silly, ting-tong (insane), my personality is I don’t hide, how I am is how I portray myself.

Staying in the biz how do you control the rumours?

Accept it. We cant do much, if we speak too much it’ll look bad its depends on the situation, how would we react , what should we say and what we shouldn’t. If I was suddently hit with a rumour I would accept it and say ok, its only a rumour, should I speak or not.

What rumour do you think is worst?

The latest news that never stop would have to be not answering questions answering a word at a time, being aggressive, bad attitude and etc. that reporters try to make news, no matter, yelling at lakorn set, bossy. Even though its just news it makes me feel no its not true. When I couldn’t answer it’ll be like “tam kum top kum” (questioning, answering a word), they just keep asking something I couldn’t answer.

Pat answers “Mai saap ka, mai roo”

When they don’t get a satisfied answer they say Ive changed. Ive never met a question like that before, but if they asked about work I’ll be greatful to answer, my work, it something I could answer. I didn’t change , but the situation is forced me to change. When I cant answer they say now that im famous im more fussy.

Do you feel given up/discouraged?

Yes, if I could choose I wouldn’t want to answer at all, but I cant, p’nak kao (reporters) you can choose to interview me when I go to an events its fine, but we’ll know who is an ally, they use to do bad to us if possible we wouldn’t want to answer them at all. Some reporters we just met and they just suddenly pose a question to us, we feel surprised because the reporters we see occasionally they don’t do this to me. its terrible when we cant answer something and we have a reason why not too and they just publish bad news about us. Don’t ask would be best because the communication goes another way and reader would understand a different way but its still lucky that Im myself because close people would know how I am.

The past you’ve been asked about Joy (Sririluk Pongchok) quite often?

Because p’nak kao (reporters) couldn’t get the answers from p’joy so when you see me you start asking. But I couldn’t answer no matter how many millions times you ask my only answer would be “don’t know”. If you want to know you’d have to ask boss (brawit maleenon) because its about the executives.

You ever thought you’ll be hit with this many news?

I though I might have abit but it wouldn’t reach me because I was the last to know about this news, Im not troubled, the last order that got to me was I was to play in this lakorn. I don’t know what reason they had, I have the opportunity to play im happy about it, do my best. Not comparing myself with anyone, didn’t think there would be news. OK I understand that my name is listed somewhere in there, I might be questioned about it a lot. Im straightforward, if I can answer I will, If i don’t know I don’t answer at all. If I meet with nice conversation I will smile but if its bad there has to be times when my attitude will change. But I believe that there are some reporters that love and appreciate in me.

Being straightforward what does it influence?

Being straightforward has positive and negative side. I think theres more positive side though but im hiding (aep) it today, if one day I decide to be myself I’ll be insulted at anyway.

You’ve been hiding about it for long why are you letting it out now?

Being ourself is good, if I have to “gek suay” (pretty) all the time, try to smile at every question even if that question is appalling and act like its alright then its no longer me. Im myself and I feel that if a question is good or bad my reaction will go with it.

Have you graduated yet?

Not yet Im in my 3rd year “Borihaan Inter” at Bangkok Uni. Working and studying is tiring, its not once your tired you stop, both are important since i have chosen this path i must do my best. Today work is first and studies last, I don’t mean i don’t study. friends are very important being in uni, esp. when I don’t go, I need helping hand from my friends. Absent from uni. often isn’t a good thing but I cant avoid it. When I don’t go I call my friends and ask. They don’t help me do it but they will tell me that I have this and that due etc.

What about love, do you have time for it?

I talk to the same person, were still the same, I havent graphed my life its still on the same line, there might be ups and down like teenagers. People couldn’t always talk in the same language everyday. Today we might get along well tomorrow might be “why don’t you understand me”

At the moment were at the stage where we’re still talking to each other

Im not a sweet person Im more on land, I don’t like “Arai ka, ao yarng nee mai” im more of “Waa ngai wa hoie diew kui gun” something like that. Both of us can accept that. Im not a revealing person that I have to open that this is my boyfriend, take him to functions and media starts taking photos, that’s not me. Im ok to admit but if I was too take him and there, I would’nt.

How do you plan you love life?

Im only 21 and havent finished uni. even If I did I don’t think I would have planned anything yet, just leave it like this. Im not sure if this person is it, but if one day if we talk and he is everything he can be my friends and be my brother then everything is ok. But in 3 days or a few weeks hes not it then we can talk about it later, today were fine. The person for me has to have a good mood, can understand me the most because I work and confront more things than normal people.

She answered and cleared every question, we investigated about her already ,just have to wait to see if this star will brightly shine in the biz as long as she wants or not.

translated by hunny @ patnpor affection


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