Pat is arrogant after claiming favourite daughter

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Pat is arrogant after claiming favourite daughter Empty Pat is arrogant after claiming favourite daughter

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Help! Pat is arrogant after claiming favorite daughter title

Pat is arrogant after claiming favourite daughter Pat

Ever since news broke out that Pat Napapa Tantrakoon is the favorite daughter of Mr Prawitt because the actress has been given work on an ongoing basis and her schedule is always full, not only that, but the roles that she receives also helped to make her shine better than the other actresses from the same company.

Reporters wanted to ask Pat about this but the moment we ask her the question, Pat talked back to us in a tantrum like manner.

“I told you all before many times already, I’m tired of hearing about favoritism and just because some one doesn’t have a lot of acting work doesn’t mean that they’re not the favorite.”

Have you done any scenes on “King Kaew Kar Fark” yet?

“We’ve done one scene and I’m tired of answering these questions. All I can tell you is, everything is up to the Executives. I have no part in this. He will probably know more details but I haven’t seen him lately, I’ve only seen my power 3 friends. And if I do see him then I see him, what’s wrong with that?”

You’re always caught in fighting rumors, ever since you got into the industry

“I just want to say that in every fighting rumors, the reporters are the one to create it all for me. I never fight with anybody, not Fon, not Yard, not Maji and not P’Joy. I don’t understand, it’s not even necessary”

Now let’s change the subject to your love life, how is Orm?

“Everything’s okay”

Are you closer to each other now that you’re working together?

“Work is work, I’m not interested in this at all. My biggest focus is work and school. I don’t publicize my love life and my love life has nothing to do with my work”

People say you’re more fussy, now that you’re famous

“I’d like to know, what’s the definition of fussy? I want to know because the crew has never told me that I’m fussy and I act like everybody else”

But there’s a lot of rumors claiming that you’re “arrogant”

“No, no one has ever said that to me, no seniors has ever called me arrogant”

Before she was famous like she is today, at Event functions, not many reporters were interested in talking to her. So when we do interview her, she will answer every question nicely with a cute look on her face. But now that she’s flying high, her conduct is the total opposite to what she was before.

What a shame, she should really check out the outcome of certain senior celebrities who used to act like her, right Koon Prawit?


credit to Ornjira @ IL


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