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Pat: Channel 3's Favorite Daughter! Empty Pat: Channel 3's Favorite Daughter!

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They are accusing me of being the "rook ruk""Pat Napapa Tuntrakoon"
Right now if you change your channel to Thai TV 3 I believe that you'll see Pat Napapa that has one project out after the other nonstop.
After being this HOT"Kom Chat Leuk" just can't miss the opportunity to have an interview with her.

Pat's Employment

What are your employments right now?

"I have the lakorn "Tey Jai Ruk Nug Wang Pan"that is now airing on channel 3.Now I'm in "Ram Pitsawat" from Poly Plus and we are still filming this one.My other lakorn would be "Mafia Tee".I here I would be paired with P'Por and it is a lakorn where P'Nok will product.

Working with Por again

This will be the 4 project with P'Por.When I play with P'Por I feel comfortable around him and he is a really cute person.Whenever I play with P'Por the lakorn would always be lovely.I don't think we're that much to be the Koo Kwan couple.Being in the same lkaorn a lot might be because the character matches with our personalities.

The response to Tey Jai Ruk Nug Wang Pan

there are a lot of people watching this alkron and lots of admirers.I really like this lakorn because everyone got to play in here and the role really goes with my true self.I really don't want anyone to get near my brother or him having a realationship with anyone.People would see me not as an outcrying person but a really funny person in here.

How satisfed are you with the projects you have right now?

Well,I am satisfied with the works I have now but it would be great to have more like fashion shows and other projects.I would also like to try out different kinds of role too.

Personally,I wiould like to play a comfortable role but play several different kinds influences my acting skills too.

Do you consider that people know you to fast?

Well,it's just perfect for my range of age.The age around 19-20 is actually bright and i get to try new things too.

Do you think that you have reached you accomplishment?

No,not yet.I still have to search for new possibilities.My success has just step in.I can't what I would call my accomplishment.It has to happen itself until I can tell.

Right Now She Has A Really Big Fan Club

The majority of my fans are really cute.

They are accusing me of being the "Rook Ruk"

How many years of contract did you sign with channel 3?

I signed a 3 year contract and a year has already past by so there's 2 more years to go.I have already played 6 alkorns al togther with channel 3 and I'm really happy.I ahve so many alkorns out maybe because I am a talkative person.

ngaan ye som gap bpen look rak kong chong 3 <-----I don't really know how to say that in English.Maybe you guys can figure it out.hehe

Naai Prawit Maleenon loves everyone and everyone has the same amount of lakorn out.she has many lakorns out one after the other but it has to go by the cue.

But everyone thinks that i'm the outstanding one out of the whole performers in the New Blood of Channel 3.

But everyone thinks that i'm the outstanding one out of the whole performers in the New Blood of Channel 3.

Well,I'm happy to see everyone think that way but the truth is that everyone is just have to look at it in a different for me I would have to be the outstanding one in being friendly and getting along with people well.

The news says you guys are competing?

No,there's nothing.Naai loves everyone.

Are you serious about the news that came out?

I'm not serious about it because the truth is that it's not true.

Who are you closest with in the entire Power 3?

It would have to be P'Som and P'Por.As for P'por everyone would think that he is a quiet person but he's really funny.As for P'Som peopple would think that she's a polite and mannered person but she's actually a "bprieow"person.

They say that after being famous,a person would change.

Actually,there's no chage.I'm me and myself.

After you have entered the circle,is there anything that change your life?

Well,no,but the biggest one would have to be when they said my mother was a turburlant person.I was very upset about that because they should of had some respect for my mother.I'm not angry about that,i'm just not happry about it.

The Staring Point Of A Star

How did you come into the circle of society?

By commercials and so someone asked me to cast in channel 3 and that's how I got to play lakorns.

Is being an actress your dream?

I never thought of ever being able to be an actress but my mother supported me.

So,what is your dream career?

i want to become an ----->ae hoh sa-dtet<----- I don't know what that is.I want to become that because I'm a person that likes is a beautiful career!!!

But now I still have my intentions in an actress.I will become my dream career when there is no one that wants to hire me.

What side does the circle of society have?

It lets me encouner news things that are challenging.

A love that is not a secret.

How is you love with "the camera man"?

It's doing well.We're still talking and we've ben seeing each other for 3 years now.

What kind of a person is he?

He's a simple and easy person.That's the point that i like about him.He's an ordinary person that can take care of me and that's what I like about him.

When there are "Gook Kik" scenes,are there any jealousy?

Yes,there are sometimes.It may be in foolish things too.

What does your father and mother say about the young man?

Well,they don't say anything about it.

It seems like I'm is an open person when it come to love because I'm not doing anything bad or repulsive so there's really nothing to hide.

That was short but hopefully that was enough for Pat Napapa Tuntrakoon's fan club.


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