“Pat” asks why reporters make things up all the time.

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“Pat” asks why reporters make things up all the time.

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:21 am

“Pat” asks why reporters make things up all the time.

Lately we don’t know what’s wrong and why there have been so many rumors about naughty Nang Aek Pat Naprapa Tantrakoon making her so stressful and making us feel so sorry for her. Pat has been defending herself over and over but the rumors still won’t stop and keeps getting bigger and bigger such as “Pat is a snob”, “Pat hating on other stars”, “Pat is fussy and maliciously upgrade her price” and the latest “Pat’s mother throws tantrums” taking advantage of her daughter’s fame!

All of this provokes the temperature of hyperactive Nang Aek rising to the highest peak.

“I don’t understand why people have to diss my mom. Think about it, they just dissed my mother, everybody loves their mom and I want the reporters to understand that sometimes they don’t know my schedule but my mother knows and that’s why when I’m in the middle of an interview and she knows I have something else on, she will rush me to it. When she knows I have to be somewhere else she will apologize to the reporters and take me outside but the reporters don’t understand. They think my mother is being a snob because she thinks her daughter is famous and they say she’s maliciously putting up my price. If someone said that about your mother would you let them? Everybody loves their mom and I know my mother gets upset by this news and it’s not even true”

“When my mother is with me I feel safe but now that people are dissing her I’m starting to not understand why they have to diss my mother. In the past I tried to understand the press but now I don’t want to understand them”

“As for the rumor about me maliciously putting up my price that’s not true, I feel my going rate is very low and I don’t mine getting paid little money as long as I get the job. My price is the lowest in my group but it depends on the job too because I don’t set up my own rate, the channel does that for me. They accept work on my behalf and in the past everybody is happy with the work and the money”

“As for my job, everything is the same. I am still getting work and when I’m free I will take on more jobs and when I’m not I won’t take it. When it comes to work, I always take it and I want the press to understand me because I try to understand them too”




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