Por In The Same Rank As Tik

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Por In The Same Rank As Tik

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:07 am

Whoever is trying to bring down Por Thisadee will have to think a little harder because right now Por is the front line leading P’ek of channel 3.

Recently when Por attended the launch of Robinson Shopping centre in Ayuthaya, girls, aunties and mothers were all screaming for him. On that day Tik Jessadaporn, the overly fussy P’ek oops I mean overly charming P’ek was there too, but the amount of the screams for Tik is not as much as the amount of screams for Por.

Where ever Por walked to the fans would call out his name and ask to touch his hand and take photos with him, unlike superstar Tik who is getting less scream each and every day.

Like the saying goes, new is always fresher than old, right P’Tik?

SOURCE: http://www.gossipstar.com/view.php?catid=23&newsid=4046 & t-media


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