Millions falling on Pat!

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Millions falling on Pat! Empty Millions falling on Pat!

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:34 am

Besides coming as a n’ek ma raeng, Pat Napapa Tuntrakoon also accepts an abundant wealth of 7 million dollars as a news presenter for MODESS. For being a young, smart and vigorous as she is, she Pat was chosen to be an official presenter for MODESS in the 15th of Aug. 2007 at the Esplanad Mall.

Besides being a party for opening Pat as the new presenter, there was also an announcement of a new innovation of a new technology that was led by Koon Pramuansee Kongying leading the mass media and Pat of the efficiency of the innovation for us to see that it really does work. Also, showed behind the scenes of Pat Napapa’s new and latest MODESS commercial.

Pat Napapa the new n’ek ‘saet tee’ up to 10 million dollars this year.

Pat power3 bumps up the new wave bumps up to the millionaire n’ek of 10 million dollars this year because this year, Pat Napapa Tuntrakoon has so many lakorn like “Ram Pissawad” which has ended, now airing “Mae Krua Kon Mai” and 2 lakorns that have not aired yet like “MafiaTee Ruk” and “King Kaew Kaf Fak”. Latest is that Pat received up to millions for being the new presenter for MODESS and this doesn’t even include her other ‘lai sib jobs”.

This year, it seems like Pat is bumping up more than any power3 because Pat has jobs coming in continuously, you can say that Pat has lakorn up for her to play and up to air and as for everyone lakorn that Pat has played, it brings a lot of ratings for the channel. The one that is airing now it Mae Krua Kon Mai. Even though it I airing in the late afternoon, it has received a lot of attention and props. Everywhere you go, all you hear is Fai Dum over the city and country! That is why MODESS took Pat to sign a contract with for the money of 7 million!
Translation thanks to: Kristy^^


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