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Name : Thrisadee Sahawong
Nickname : Por
Birthday : January 23rd, 1978
Siblings : 3, Por is the oldest
Height : 1.83 m.
Weight : 72 kk.
Education : Bachelor Degree of Managerment
Hobies : Watch Movie, Ballroom Dance
Animal : Godfish, It name is Tony ~~(lolz...i guess its a man fish)~~ loool.gif
Sports : soccer
Favorite Place To Rest : A Lake
Colors : Gray, Black and Brown
Foods : A Typical Thai Dish Spicy and Thickened with Coconut Cream
Type Of Movie : Action, Comedy, Drama and Romantic
Book : Book that is about sports and travaler
Future Goals : Have A Buch Of Cows Of His Own ~~(lols.....he's funny)~~ laugh.gif

Translated By : Calla


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