Pat Never Raised Her Salary

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Pat Never Raised Her Salary

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:31 am

Pat Never Raises Her Payment
Pat Napapha Tuntrakul is a person that knows how to use money wisely because she knows that it's hard work just to be able to earn the money that's why she never raises her price.
Becoming a famous n'ek caused Pat Napapha having rumors that she raises her prices now.So that's why Pat immediately came out to say that she doesn't raise her price.
Every single money that Pat earns she will give it to her mother.So whenever she wants to buy something she would always ask her mother.
Pat knows that it is hard to earn money so that's why she wants to keep her money.Sometimes when she wants to buy clothes she even has to think if she should buy it or not.She already has a car at home so she doesn't know what to buy.
Pat also said that in everyone her her projects she gets the same amount of money.She doesn't ask for more.
She will usually accept every work that is offered if she is not to busy.also about her not going to work is not true.
For some jobs I might refuse because I am too busy or maybe because her times just can't work.
As for the raising price thing she doesn't do that because she doesn't think that she so famous that she has to raise her price.The money pricing will just go as normal.


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