A Mother's Relief: "Mint's Gone Out of Her Life"

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A Mother's Relief: "Mint's Gone Out of Her Life"

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This news is credited to Angelina at Interlove Forum. I know it's old, but I didn't know of it before.

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"Mint's Gone Out of Her Life"

A Mother's Relief

I heard you're very possessive of your daughter and you don't want her to get with any guy. So when will you allow her to have a boyfriend?

"In a long while and it's not that I'm forbidding her from having guy friends, it's just that she needs to tell us first. She can't go out with him and get her pictures taken with him in some magazine!'

"Actually on that day, I was with her but they left me out of the photo!"

I heard that Pat is now rumored with Channel 7 rising star "Mai" Bawornpoj.

"Mai is just a friend and he's a nice guy. He's still a kid and he's younger than my daughter."

"They worked together in a movie and I know him. There's nothing much to the story."

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What about Mint? I heard they're getting back together.

"No, Mint's gone. I don't know where he is anymore. No more Mint (laughs)."

"At first, I was really sick of it, but now people are saying their break-up was for the best and now she can be more famous."

So what kind of guy will you consider for your daughter?

"I just want someone who is a good person. Someone who's not cunning or a liar."

"And our religion is also very important. Our family is an Islamic family. If my daughter was to have anyone, he will need to accept and become a Muslim like us, otherwise her father would never allow them to be together."

"It is pretty difficult, so I suggest guys should think twice before they start to like my daughter (laughs)."

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Source: TV Pool (October 2005)

Pictures from Gossip Star (August 2005)


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