Por and Pong: Rumored to compete for Benz Mananya?

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Por and Pong: Rumored to compete for Benz Mananya?

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Credited to Chelsea at Interlove Forum.

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The charm of a n'rai seems to be stronger than that of a nang'ek hence why we see many n'rais hold the hearts of many p'eks in the industry.

The latest n'rai to shine is Benz Mananya Triyanon, the girl who was first rumored to be the real life sweetheart of Dan Worrawech Danuwong.

But maybe lately Dan doesn't have much time to take care of her causing other men to compete with each other to claim her love. Each man in the game all are incredibly good looking and also holds the p'ek title!

An insider revealed:

"Right now Benz is very charming. Many p'eks are trying to get with her, but there's two who are competing with each other. The first one is p'ek from Channel 3 Por Thrisadee Sahawong and the other one is Exact's p'ek Pong Nawat Kullaratrak."

"These two men were seen asking the stylist for Benz's phone number. I wonder how far their conversations have progressed by now."

The two men rumored to be in the game have a scandalous love history attached to their names. Even young Por who may still be a new comer, manages to get his name linked to nang'eks such as Namfon Patcharin and Khem Rujira.

As for a senior like Pong, we don't even need to look up his history because he's been linked with too many nang'eks. But, the rumor that was most prominent would have to be the one with Amy Moragoth Kithisara of Channel 7 and the one where he was indentified as the third hand in the relationship of Puri and Pang.

Seeing all these competitions going on, I think Dan D2B needs to do something or he will be sure to lose his precious.

Source: TV Inside (August 2006)


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