Did Pat and the Cameraman Argued?; Assumptions and Reasonings

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Did Pat and the Cameraman Argued?; Assumptions and Reasonings

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:30 am

This article was translated by Chelsea at Interlove Forum. Credited to Star News.

If we have to mention the names of rising stars of this hour, channel 3 nang'ek Pat Napapha Tuntrakul would surely be one of them. Having new lakorns coming out one after another, she is one shining star we need to look out for.

As norman with every celebrity, they're bound to be involved in scandalous news. The more scandals they have, the more famous they become. Pat is no different, in the latest news Pat was caught on candid while having an argument with the camera man, who may be the guy she is seeing.

Let's summarize to those who haven't been following her news. Many months ago, our sources found out that she is dating a a camera man, after we heard about this rumor our reporter questioned Pat if the news were true. When we ask her the question, we thought her answers would be a typical nang'ek reply such as "We're just friends" but not at all, Pat's reply turned out to be "Yes, I'm seeing him".

Ok now let's continue, on that day while our reporter was a Central Laadpra she saw a young girl who was definitely Pat Napapha standing there in the middle of an argument with a young man. Nong Pat was looking at the man as if she was going to chew him into pieces while the handsome man tried to explain something to her but Pat stormed off in extreme anger into a famous coffee shop. The man followed her in to take her by the hand and walked her downstairs to sort out their argument.

Our reporter told us before things got too out of control, Pat's friend dragged Pat back up stairs but we also heard from another source that the fight was so severe it left nang'ek of Channel 3 in tears in the middle of the shopping center with no signs of shyness.

Oh! And the most hurtful part about all this was the part when Pat laid eyes on our reporter who was capturing her photographs. Pat in her angry mood gave our reporter a dirty look while saying if this picture gets published I will put you in your place.

We wonder what made her so angry on that day, how could our sweet nang'ek loose her cute image and leave everyone in the area with the impression that the rumors about her being a tantrum queen could be true.

Anyhow Starnews would like to clarify on behalf of Pat that the rumors about her being a tantrum queen is definitely false. We confirm she is a happy person who is just straight forward that's all and from the look of the paparazzi pictures we figured Pat and her guy friend must have had a serious fight.

After checking out the candids we ask Pat to clarify the truth about her love life.

"Right now I don't have a bf. I'm single."

Oh so what happened to the camera man?

"We're just friends. There's nothing to it and we weren't fighting because we're just friends so we definitely weren't having a big fight with each other. As for the rumor about my mom not liking him, that's not true. Why would my mom care about someone who's just a friend?"


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