Pat – I’m not competing with Yard

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Pat – I’m not competing with Yard

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:26 am

All of a sudden Pat Naprapa Tantrakoon is being compaired to Yardtip Rachaparn with rumors that they’re competing with each other.

Pat revealed to Siam Bunterng news:

“With Nong Yard honestly please don’t compare us with each other. We both use our skills to act so look at us based on our skills.”

“I don’t think that I’m more beautiful or she can’t act as good, it’s not like that. It’s better to be judged on by our work. I feel we both work for the same channel so we don’t dislike each other as being rumored. We’re both working and I see her a good friend and she’s a very hard working person”

The N’ek also revealed lately she has a lot of negative rumors and she has no idea how the rumors started and now all she can do is accept the situation.

“It’s like I have to accept the situation. It’s like the higher I get the more I have to accept what comes with it and it’s all up to me and how I want to portray myself”

“I think this happens to everyone and the only reason this kind of rumors come out is because reporters likes to write that the channel is pushing/promotion me and by writing that people tend to interpret that the other stars must really dislike E Pat (laughs) but when I see my friends we talk about rumors, it’s hilarious so I think you should stop about this gossip”



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