Pat and Camera man

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Pat and Camera man

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Pat's mom doesn't trust her! Pat with a young camera man

After breaking up with Mint B-MIX during the time she started in the industry, news about her and other guys seem to have vanished for a long time. Even now she is known as one of the most "Prosperous N'eks" that Ch3 is pushing forward to be in the front row. Pat Nopa Thunthragoon has just started to get the attention again, now with a young camera man. Here is what Pat has to say about this

"There's nothing yet. Because of my work, we haven't agreed on anything yet. We are still friends."

People have seen you guys many times going out together.

"What they saw is that I was going with my nieces and nephews, and a lot of people went. But people don't know if they are my nieces and nephew or my younger sibling. So that is why people think it was just the 2 of us. In reality, it was his sister and his nephews and nieces, that came from the Ukraine. Or sometimes it's just friends from the university."

So that means your mom still won't let you guys go alone just the 2 of you yet

"No, my mom is protective. My mom has to know about everything. She calls to check up on me because she's worried, no matter where I am or what I am doing. If I don't have my mom, I'll probably be struggling. 'I haven't heard from you in a long time' 'Do you want me to pick you up?' My mom would always say those things because she's worried and being friends is already good. I think so too."

Straight out, has your mother ever given the opportunity for both families to learn about each other?

"Well, we are already learning. We just talk. It's not to the point where my mother would stop us from talking or seeing each other. We can talk. We can see each other."

So are there any other people who've stepped in?

"Sometimes. They come and talk as friends like normal. They don't flirt with/hit on me. It's been like that for a long time now."

Even though you're a n'ek now?

"It's probably because of this too. If you wanted me to flirt/hit on a p'ek, I wouldn't even take it. I don't know what they think."

What about Mint B-MIX, have you guys talked at all?

"Just let him keep doing his singing. I haven't talked to him for 2 years now. We haven't seen each other at all."

It looks like you live in different worlds.

"No, we just take different roads. But if we do see each other, we can still talk."

People see you as once you get famous, you break up with them.

"We've been seeing each other for a year and a half and I haven't seen any news until now when I'm starring for Ch3. A year and a half until there is news. Even half a year before we already had problems. So we talked about it. So when we broke up, it seemed like once I was famous, we broke up. But it wasn't like that at all."

Will there be any return?

"That would be hard, because even just to talk we can't even do it. We're cut. Becoming friends would be even harder. And we don't even talk. If we were still communicating, maybe."

What about the young camera man? Does he ask you about it?

"No. We don't interfer with each other's past, because he's not my boyfriend. And I haven't said that he's my boyfriend so we both don't have the right to."

It looks like you're more open when it comes to this young camera man.

"Really? I think it's more because you guys ask me the questions. In reality, I'm usually in the news more with my friends from the university."

Since you have a lot of news with guys, people see you as a player.

"Being in the news with them is sometimes because I play in the lakorn with them. It can't happen like that for everyone. We star together, we are in the news together. No means no."

* & NongMam05 for translating


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