Mint – Pat; "It’s Over!"

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Mint – Pat; "It’s Over!"

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Mint – Pat; "It’s Over!"

After 2 years of seeing each other, hot rising star ‘Pat’ Napapa Tantrakoon’s relationship with famous singer ‘Mint’ Poramint Wongbeisaj has ended.

The cause of their break up is rumored to be because of many factors such as ‘the bosses’, ‘The parents’ [ Please refer to old article: "My Daughter Can Only Marry A Muslim"] and the latest one which caused the biggest gossip of the town, is the rumored of a third hand by the name of ‘Mai’ Bawornpoj jaitunhah, the new channel 7 Pra Aek and Dutchie Boy 2004!

Upon hearing all of these constant gossips, TV Pool had no choice but to interview the two formal lovers for the clarification of the real reason behind their break up.

Mint’s version

I heard you broke up with Pat, is that true?

“No, we’re still the same, we’re still friends”

“But because we’re both busy with work that’s why we don’t have time to see each other that’s all”

Umm..but I heard more to the there a problem in your relationship?

“There is no problem, we’re still friends”

Before I heard a rumor that your parents don’t like each other

“That’s not true, I know Pat’s mom, and she knows me too”

“And also I don’t think there is a reason for our parents to not like their child’s friend, because there’s nothing wrong with having friends”

Could your break up be because of rumors?

“No, it’s not, and I don’t even anything about our rumors, I haven’t heard any of it”

But before your break up there was a rumor about ‘Pat’ and ‘Mai bawornpaj’, and because of this some people are saying that he’s the reason behind your break up

“I think it’s normal for Pat and Mai to be friends with each other, because they both work in the industry”

“Anyway, there is no reason for me to talk about my friend’s friend, that’s Pat’s business”

So do you still talk to her?

“yes, we still talk, but right now we are both busy working, but we still call each other every now and again”

Ok, last question, is there a chance for you and Pat to get back together again

“I think we’ll always be friends, and I don’t know what you mean by getting back together, we’re just friends”

Napapa Tantrakoon [ Pat ]

I heard you broke up with Mint, is that true?

“yea..we’re just friends now”

“It’s because we’ve been involved in a lot of nasty rumors and another thing is because we don’t have time for each other, so that’s why we’ve decided to just be friends”

“But everything is still the same, I can still call him and talk to him when I have problems and he can still call me and talk to me”

When did you broke up with him?

“Long time ago, about a month ago”

I heard because of your rumors, your parents made you break up with him

“That’s not true, my parents are not forbidding me from him, and my mom is not against our relationship”

I heard you had a rumor with Mai, could this be the cause of your break up?

“(laughs) That has nothing to do with it, well what happened was, Nong Mai gave out an interview to say that he likes me and that’s how the rumor started”

So do you still talk to Mint?

“Yea, I still talk to him, but mainly about work”

Do you still get to see him?

“No, because I go to school everyday and my mom picks me up everyday after school”

Are you upset over this?

“No, because I understand that he has to work, and it’s the same with me, I have to go to school and study”

is there a chance for you to get back with him

“I don’t know, that’s for the future to decide”



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