or and Pong competing for Benz was a False Rumor

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or and Pong competing for Benz was a False Rumor

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:22 am

This news is credited to Ornjira at Interlove Forum.

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Charming p'ek of Channel 3 "Por" Thrisadee Sahawong showed signs of confusion when rumors broke out that him along with "Pong" Nawat Kullaratrak has been hitting on Channel 7 rising nang'rai "Benz" Manunya Triyanon.

Prior to that, there was news that Por Thrisadee showed interest in young nang'rai to the point where he secretly approached a PR to ask for Benz's phone number.

Por's response:

"I don't know Benz and I never asked her PR for Benz's number. Why would I do such a thing when I already have a girlfriend? Besides, I don't even know who Benz is! But, if we have to talk about the possibility of me talking to Benz, that may have happened because I may have met her at a function."

Por also said personally he knows p'ek Pong Nawat Kullaratrak and can confirm he has never competed with Pong to fight over Benz.

"If you ask me if I know P'Pong, I do know him. I've known him for a long time now, but I haven't spoken to him about this. I don't even know there was such news. As for how the news came out, I have no idea. But, I have never made a move on Benz and I don't even know her personally."

"I think when this kind of rumors come out, the person who suffers the most could only be Benz because she's a girl."

Source: Siambunterng News (September 2006)

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