Pat Car Accident

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Pat Car Accident

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:20 am

Okay it said that Pat had an accident.
She was leaving at 7 a.m. with her mother to go to Tae Jai.While she was driving in the highway about 100-120- kilometers and hour ,there was a car that came in front of her really fast and she wasn't able to brake her car fast enough.
So she hit the street or something.But she wasn't injured badly,her arm was just sprained ans her mother is perfectly okay.Pat also said that this isn't much of a big deal because she used to drive the car and hit her own house mirror or hit her neighbors car.The reporter asked her if she is going to but a new car,and she replied back by saying "no" because all she needs to do is change her tires and that she wouldn't be able to afford a new car because she has to keep every single money for her future education(she laughs).

That's pretty much what the news is about.


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