Battle of the Nang'eks Mothers; Pat and Yardthip

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Battle of the Nang'eks Mothers; Pat and Yardthip

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Since Pat Napapha and Yardthip became famous leading nang'eks of Channel 3 at the same time, both of these nang'eks have to endure boob contest. I mean talent contest without meaning to. Even though innocent but naughty nang'ek like Pat and future Prime Minister daughter in law like Yardthip may not like to think they are better than each other, but their mothers don't want their child to appear less superior. That's why the mom tend to get into fights to try and intimidate each other.

We heard this news had been going on since Pat and Yard starred in "Ruen Naree See Chompoo" together and as we all understand both Pat and Yard have their mothers following them to every occassion. People on the set were gossiping that after Yard's mother discovered Pat's character is better than her daughter's, Yard's mother went to say something mean to Pat's mom.

So Pat, we really want to know, what did Yard's mother say to your mom?

"Nong Yard's mother has a very loud voice and when she talks to my mother it seems like she's yelling at my mom, but she's not. They are just walking to each other normally. I heard the conversation and I know Yard's mother's talking style is just like that."

"People who saw us might think Yard's mother is yelling at my mom and the people on the set ask me that question. But, she's not. That is just her style and we don't have any problems with one another."

Are you competing with each other?

"Mainly people don't think we're competing. Most people already see Yard as number one. She started before me and I see her as my senior and when I got in the industry, I have no intention of pushing her off the rank. We are both doing our own work and if I have the opportunity to work with her, it's a good thing. I'm not less superior to anybody else. We don't compare our status to one another. We're all nang'eks in the channel and our main job is to act in such a way to make people like our lakorns and that's true success. We don't compete with each other, it's not like that."

Source: Gossip Star (October 2006)


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