Too Much Promotion For Power 3

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Too Much Promotion For Power 3

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:15 am

Too Much Promotion For Power 3

“New replaces the old” I think this saying is best to describe the Entertainment industry. Especially the actors and singers who live by the slogan that “when the water is rising, take advantage of it”. If you notice right now every lakorn company is creating newcomers like channel 7 who is pushing Pancake Kamanit, Wear Sakulwat & Win Tarwin, and now it’s a guaranteed fact that every lakorn featuring these newcomers the rating will be a rising success.

Moving along to channel 3 “Power 3” is in the phase of pushing promotion because they have the intention of promoting with no limit. You can tell from the airing lakorns by channel 3 lately there’s so many newcomers in every single one of them. Some are even in TV shows. Some of them were capable of being pushed to rise, but some just won’t rise no matter how much you push. We have to admit that the shining ones right now are Namfone Patcharin, Pat Napapa, Por Thisadee and Tah Warith, as for the others, they’re just not shining bright enough.

Now that we’re on the topic of “Power 3” I’d like to bring “Tae Jai Ruk Nak Wang Pan” in to it too, the lakorn which air Fri-Sun from 8.30pm the lakorn directed by Adul Boonbuth, we have to say this lakorn is intentionally marketed for young audiences and bringing in new 13 faces. It’s not unusual for the big cast because channel 3 has done this before in previous lakorns and we understand that their reason for promoting is because they want to use these new faces in future projects. But sometimes they need to consider the talent of these youngsters too, they shouldn’t just push whoever they want with their eyes and ears closed.

I have the opportunity of watching this lakorn 2-3 times and it’s not that I like it. I watch it because I wanted to see the skills of the cast and my honest opinion, some of them were talented and had the potential to be leading P’eks and N’eks in the future where as some, their acting were so poorly done then a stick would even have to respect them.

As for the plot of the story is about a group of girls taking revenge of guys, in some views it is entertaining in its own way but if we were to look at this from an ethical point of view, this lakorn is a bad example for young generation.

If we have to compare “Tae Jai Ruk Nak Wang Pan” to “Pin Mook” the two lakorns which airs at the same time and we have to admit the lakorns are totally different. Even though Pin Mook is an incredibly “nam nao” lakorn, but it was still able to get the viewers glued to their TV screen.

When channel 3 made the decision to air “Tae Jai Ruk Nak Wang Pan” at the same time as “Pin Mook”, all I can say on this is, they made a mistake.

In conclusion what I want to say is, it’s not wrong for channel 3 to promote “Power 3” but sometimes they shouldn’t push and shove it in the viewer’s face so much because people may get sick of them before they could get the chance to rise.

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