Old Alcohol in a new bottle "Ruam Dao 2007"

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Old Alcohol in a new bottle "Ruam Dao 2007"

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:10 am

Old Alcohol in a new bottle "Ruam Dao 2007"

Re-introducing one of the most historical, famous and knowned style of music, a new project by Ch.3 & RS the new album "Ruam Dao 2007"

The Rising Stars of Ch.3 has been chosen to be in this new album,they are
Por Thrisadee Sahawong & Bua Tanjaruk
Tack & Pat Naprapa Tuntrakul
Mann Karin & Namfon Patcharin
Pock Jakrin & Ploy Chidchun Rujipan
Bogie & Pui

The music that is brought out, is well known and many have heard like Nok Kow Koo Ruk sang by Por and Bua, Ruk by Tack and Pat, Joot Tai Tum Tor by Mann and Namfon.

The first MV we have just finished filming is "Nok Keo Koo Ruk" featuring the new and cute couple Por and Bua.

Por & Bua how would you decribe/emotions to this song "Nok Keo Koo Ruk" you sang?
Since its a song, no matter how long ago it was, it still carries its beauty and meaning!

Its there time to release and bring back history!

This Album will be release on 11th January 2007


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