Is Pancake p’Por’s Girlfriend?

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Is Pancake p’Por’s Girlfriend?

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Is Pancake p’Por’s Girlfriend?

After news or rumors had started with star pra’ek Por Tirsadee with star acting na’ek Pancake. Standing side by side at a ceremony. We however are keeping an eye on pra’ek Por Tirsadee to see if his real girlfriend appears. But Pancake appears with Por so cute and generous to p’Por like a real girlfriend.

Por Tirsadee opens his heart to Pancake after the ceremony.

They attended “Ay Raa Gon” together on this occasion.

“Do secretly adore her, is it true?”

“ I say that any man who knows Pancake herself will love her, since she have a good personality and a good person to work with. I only have one special person who can make me happy”

Reporters asked Por to see if Pancake is only a friend.

“ This is a good spot for Pancake. To be a friend, because I already have a girlfriend. I will do anything (laughs) or say anything that is right for news reporter rather than any picture telling a story that will cause rumors. Because I will not let any rumors leak out with someone else. This is the last occasion I will be attending and the only one with someone.”

<< pictures and more details >>

Credit: GossipStar and Nathalie


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