Por wont be marrying Meji

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Por wont be marrying Meji

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Becoming a charming P'ek at an old age is not too late for Por Thrisadee who became famous when he is almost turning 30. Por is also a target for girls and guys who have their eyes on him, especially N'rai Meji. She is rumored more frequently than others and wherever you see Por, you will see Meji tagging along.

When Por's mother was asked about this, she replied in a cheerful mood that it's impossible for Por to get with Mahi because they love each other like brother and sister.

" With Meji there's nothing going on and it's impossible for them to think about each other that way. Por has a girlfriend and right now she's in England. Por is planning to go over there."

" They've been together for a long time, and I like his girlfriend."

" I like Meji too, but she's honestly just a friend. Meji comes over for dinner often and she works for channel 3 as well."

" The channel taught them to stick together so their group truly loves each other."

https://2img.net/h/i67.photobucket.com/albums/h283/schinkathuk/por1.jpg" alt="" />

Now let's hear from Meji:

"We're just friends and there's nothing going on. We just go out with each other often, that's why poeple misunderstood and honestly I have a boyfriend and I've been seeing him for sometime now."


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