Fan ask Por for money!

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Fan ask Por for money!

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:02 am

Fan ask Por if she could borrow some money!

Ever since playing the character of “Poh Lieng Sarun” in “Jao Sao Barn Rai” P’ek Por Thisadee Sahawong revealed he has encountered many strange scenarios.

One time while the actor was shopping a middle age lady fan approached him to ask if she could borrow a couple of thousand baths.

Por revealed he was shocked! But the moment he could pull himself together from the shock Por gave the lady a funny reply that “I’m only rich in lakorns na krup”

“If you ask about the feedback from “Jao Sao Ban Rai” it’s really good. Personally I didn’t think the feedback would be this great but now wherever I go I get people calling me “Poh lieng Sarun”, some people even came up to me and ask me, so what’s poh lieng Sarun’s real name? But what’s even stranger than that is one particular fan who asked me for money”

“That day I was just walking around and a middle age lady walked up to me and ask me if she could borrow some money, I was shocked and when I manage to pull myself together I told her I’m only rich in lakorns na krup”



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