The Man on the Candid was not the Camera Man

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The Man on the Candid was not the Camera Man Empty The Man on the Candid was not the Camera Man

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Credits to Ornjira at Interlove Forum.
After rumors broke out that Pat Napapha slapped her camera man boyfriend at a function at Central Laadprao, the nang'ek "Pat" Napapha revealed that there is nothing to the story. The nang'ek also said she has "Por" Thrisadee Sahawong as her witness.

"There is nothing, we're just friends. Honestly there was nothing going on. The reporters misinterpreted the situation saying that I was fighting with my camera man boyfriend. But, it's not true because he was just a friend and he was having problems. He needed me to help him solve it. That's why I went to help. In the news they said he was pulling me, but he wasn't. I was working and he asked me to come and help him so I was like ok."

"The reporter wrote that he was the camera man, but he's not. You can go and ask P'Por. He was in the situation too and he even said to me, 'Pat don't be serious, the reporters will always write their own interpretation. They're not going to come and ask you first. Anyways, if they ask me, I can tell them in an interview that he was just a friend and he is not the camera man."

Pat then confirms:

"When a friend needs help and he's upset, you tend to say oh alright I'll help you. And all of this happened not after the function, but during the function. If you asked if I'm serious, I would say I feel nothing because it didn't show much in the photos and also it was not the camera man and we were not fighting."

"Besides, if I had a boyfriend I would just be talking to him. There would not be any fighting like that. Anyhow, he was a friend and he was hot tempered, so what can I do? I even told him to calm down and he told me to leave work and come help him for a bit. I just told him no I need to wait just a bit and I'll go and assist you. That was all. It was nothing like the rumors. My friend also apologized to me about this incident and I told him it was okay."

Source: Siam Bunterng News (September 2006)


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