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One of the hottest pra ake nang ake would be Pau and Namfon, starring
"Jao Sao Barn Rai" not only that this lakorn have been enjoyed by many
people, there are some rumors that they are in luv with each other..is
because they are so close together during the making of "Jao Sao Barn

We Have to ask them to find out!

Namfon: no, we're not going out or anything, we're like brothers and
sisters. Maybe it's because we starred in this lakorn together and
we're so
close, some people start to think that we like each other

Are u quiet and calm like in the lakorn?

Namfon: Well, it depends...if I'm with my friends, i feel free to act
and stuff, but if I'm with Poo Yai, i have to take control of myself
stuff...the character in the lakorn is not quiet and calm all the time
actually...because there's times that she argues and and play around...

Do u want to try a new character?

Fon: I can do any character...if i could choose, i would want to try
stuff, but it's all up to the "Poo Yai"

What do u think about u being in the spotlight more than other stars?

Fon: I think everyone have their own talent and stuff, i don't think
better than them, it's probably because of the lakorn, they luv it so

Is there any presure?

Fon: I don't think so, because i think this is pretty good for someone

Do u think u're famous now?

Fon: Not really...but if people talk about me in a good way, then it's
presure, if they talk about me in bad ways,tha'ts another story

Is it hard to act toward others?

Fon: not really ka, i just have to be myself and if I'm with Poo Yai,
then i
have to show respect

How do u schedule ur time to do acting and go to school?

Fon: I just have to tell P' P' my class schedules and stuff to get
ready..my parents doesn't want to me stop or pause in my education.
said that learning is alot better and if i have to pick one, i should

Rest time?

FOn: I try to rest every chance i can...when i go home, i just chill,
can't watch tv for late because it can swell up my eyes

Are u scare u mgiht knock out?

Fon: I don't think i will, because i take care of myself alot and plus,
pretty healthy but there's oen time that i have to work 10 days
straight, i
got sick and they had to stop everything

Any Boys come to flirt with u?

There's some that come up to talk and stuff, but it's just friend

How do they flirt with u?

Fon: They just come up to talk to me, my friend is usually the one that
looks around for me, but we're still young, so it doesn't matter much
to us

What type of guys do u like?

I like someone that is older than me, several years older than me, i
want friends my age, i want someone older, because so he will have
resposbilities to take care of me

About how much older?

Fon: just older enough to calm me down when i want something and can't

Is there anyone that came to recommend u?

Fon: There's couple, but we're just friends

*turn to go ask Pau*

Even though u said that u like a girl that's not in wong garn bun turn,
Jane, but there's still rumors about u and other girl..do u think they
think u're a player?

"it's up to them, but I'm just me, but I''m more focus on working"

What do u expect in this lakonr?

"Well, one, i want many people to enjoy it and 2, i want to get lots of
comments...i would rather have more complaints though, so i can improve

U are the most Pra ake?

"everyone is really good, please don't compare us, all of us worked
hard on


"What pressure? lol there's not pressure...i just act normal and do my

What about rumors with Khem-Rujira?

"i don't know where they got that from, we're just frineds.."

How close are u and Khem?

"We're just friends, we work together and talk ...just like normal"

Have u talked to Khem after the rumor?

"Yes, we still have to star in Bau Rim Nam together, we still laugh at
rumor..lol..we don't know where they got that we like each other from."

What about Nong Jane?

"nothing...lol...she's here too.."

Is she more strict about u near girls?

"it's normal, i go to work, just like normal"

What is the reason u like Jane?

"She's nice and understandable.....we respect each other...and i luv

How many years have u guys dated?

"I think about 4 years...i can't tell u much, i don't want to get in

What do u have to fix?

"nothing, everything is good, if u fix too much, u won't be urself and
one u like is not urself"


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