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Rumor has it that "Por" Thrisadee Sahawong is the favorite son of Mr. Pravitt of Channel 3. When this news was heard, no one was surprised by it because in every feed back for various shows, we see SMS messages displaying comments such as "P'Por is so cute"!

Por has also received the nickname of "Young Pisarn" or "Slap Kiss P'ek". What can we say with such handsome looks and playful nature who wouldn't want to kiss slap him?

Por's Response:

"My first lakorn was "Likasit Huajai". Back then I didn't understand the script. I didn't know how the p'ek was meant to act. The night before I had to star in my first scene, I vomited from stress, even though that was such an easy scene. It was the scene when p'ek got back from overseas and was greated by P'Oh Pakjira and she hugged me. When I hugged her back, it looked retarded and I wasn't confident, but every time I got to star in a new lakorn, I learned more. This job is not like graduating from the university where when you finish, you're finished. There's always something new here."

The Slap Kiss P'ek Title:

"I feel honored to receive this title. To prepare myself for slap kiss scenes, I have to understand the script. The hard part is to control my emotions and voice. Each different character has different ways in expressing their anger. If you ask me if kissing scenes are hard, I would say no it's not. A lot of camera techniques are used. I'm capable of acting real slap scenes and fake kiss scenes."

"Real kissing scenes are good, but the image is not so nice because our heads will be blocking the camera. I don't feel bad if I have to do real kiss scenes because it's part of work, but the slapping is hard when I slap, I can't make it real because the other party is a female so if I slap her, I'd break her jaw."

"Out of everyone, Nong Fon is the hardest slapper. She once slapped me and got me in the nose. It was really painful. Did you know that I once got slapped by Meji and I bled? In the script, I cheated on her and she caught me. The director told her to slap me with the back and front of her hand, pretty much like 'slap him as much as you would like if it makes you happy' and so she slapped me back and forth and her bangles hit me in the chin. Till this day, the scar is still there."

"People tend to say I like to do slapping scenes, but that's not true. I don't slap, I get slapped (laughs)."

Source: Sudsapda (September 2006)


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