"A Man We Love To Hug"; Por's Questions and Answers

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"A Man We Love To Hug"; Por's Questions and Answers Empty "A Man We Love To Hug"; Por's Questions and Answers

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:45 am

1. List three words to describe you:

"Endurable, tough and funny"

2. A nickname your friends gave you:

"Ai Tid and Boreerum"

3. What brings happiness to you on Friday night around midnight?

"Hanging in my bedroom, watching movies, listening to music and singing"

4. Something good that you've done and can still remember till this day?

"Charity work at the home for disabled children. Seeing them happy makes me feel good" :thumbup

5. Girls that gets you excited in 5 minutes?

"Confident girls...they have some kind of power that makes you feel they're sexy"

6. 3 qualities that you look for in the future mother of your children:

"Loves me, love my children, hardworking and we can click with each other"

7. What can't you live without on your bed?

"Blankets...I can't live without warmth (kard kwarm ob oon)"

8. When was the last time you cried?

"When my high school friend died in an accident before I got a chance to say goodbye" Sad

9. Your favorite X-rated movie?

"Love Actually, because love comes before sex"

10. What was the manliest thing you've done?

"While I was eating on the side of the road, I saw someone got run over so I took that person to the hospital and organized everything as if he was my relative" *cuple


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