Por’s Not Afraid Of Promo-Confesses That Pat Is the Closest Girl

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Por’s Not Afraid Of Promo-Confesses That Pat Is the Closest Girl

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Por’s Not Afraid Of Promo-Confesses That Pat Is the Closest Girl

“Barb Ruk Talay Fun” is currently on air, and is impressing the lakorn viewers with its sweet and bitter story.

“In this lakorn, I play as a play boy named “Satra”. He owns a resort and he’s very hot, but he’s very hot tempered because he has some problems. He thinks that his father died because his mother had an affair with another guy, that’s why he’s a very angry lover. At the end, he locks his lover up and tortures her even though he loves her so.”

How do you feel about working with Pat for the second time?

“It’s good. Working with someone who have worked with before makes you feel more comfortable and it makes your work easier. We have been acting with each other often so Pat and I are like brother and sister. We’re like friends. We talk with each other and when we act we don’t feel nervous, but a little shy.”

Are you afraid of getting set up in a love promotion with Pat?

“No, because we’re like brother and sister.”

How much do you expect in this lakorn?

“Well, of course there are some expectations because everyone worked hard. The actors/actress, the crew, the director, the camera man, and others also worked hard. We putted a lot of dedication to this lakorn and we hope that the viewers will like it.”

Many people say that you’re a rising star who is rising highest in the group,so how do you feel?

“I don’t think I’m rising higher than anyone else in the group. I think we are all equal. All of us are working hard and the executive is giving us the work that suites us the best.”

Love: Do you have a girlfriend?

“Honestly I don’t have a girlfriend. I am totally single. I’m a shy person and when I see the girl that I like, I’m speechless and can’t say anything. I’m not good at hitting on girls.”


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