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Pat working for her family Empty Pat working for her family

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:40 am

Translation credited to pat thai fan and MeetJoBlack.

"Pat Napapha is working for her family.

Pat is a new face but is very famous for these days. Pat explained that when she just started her career, it was not so easy. She got not so good paid at the beginning. Luckily, there was someone who seen her talents and put her in a movie called “Rub Nong Sayong Kwan” (please apologies my spelling – I try not to translate the movie name). She played as one of the main characters. That movie was quite a success but still she was not famous yet.

Then she starts playing TV series “Ruen Naree Si Chompuu” and “Hima Tai Prachan” after these series on-air she become a well-known star. However, her acting weren’t good enough at first but she showed her talent on the coming series called “Barp Ruk Talay Fun”. She had good feedback from this series.

Her path was not so easy. There were many obstacles, many complaints and the most critical part was ‘She is not a type for main character in Thailand’ (note – Thais prefer actress with white skin, half Chinese or western look, rather than tan, like her).

With the support from Mr.Pravit M. (TV 3’s CEO) who gave her a chance to take the main characters’s role on series that were mentioned above make her become a star. At the present as the main character in series “Tay Jai Ruk Nuak Wang Pann” she became one of the most famous actress in Thailand.

Pat said “my life is better. I’ve got better pay, better conditions”. She’s now planning to buy a house for her mom but it’s not easy for her because Pat have to work and study in the same time. "


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