Pat 19 year old- her future; September 2004

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Pat 19 year old- her future; September 2004 Empty Pat 19 year old- her future; September 2004

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Pat 19 year old- her intentions in the future
1st September 2004

"Pat Naprapa Tuntrakul" enters the the entertainment industry since she was in high school in her original name "Pat Sureepon Tuntrakul" during then Pat was educated in an All Girls School (Sadtree Mahapritaaraam) and because of her cuteness she has received many commercial/advertise work.

But what has melted many guys with her cuteness, and her bright, shy manner, hidden with a sweet smile in the MV of "TAXI" the hittest song "Kit Tueng Chun May Waylaa Tee Ter..." as Pat takes the character of a conscripts girlfriend. That was what made her more known in the name "Pat Sureepon" but there was a reason for her to change her name after graduating from Girls School.

"I changed my name becaue my mother went to read my predication and they say my name is unlucky, an accident might happen so she changed my name"

"Now Im still a freshy at Naa Naa Chaat University (International Uni.) in Bangkok my first year, I study in language of business area."

"The term has opened for 3 weeks now, Ive just been a freshy here and I study quite hard, since I entered university I work and study. I register in alot. On Monday to Wednesaday I stay at uni. from morning till late afternoon, one day I study 3 subjects as for Thursday to Sunday I work, film lakorns and take magazine shoots"

Other than this Pat also mentions that after entering uni, she has to accept work that is not scheduled during her studying in order for her to have more undertsanding in the field of langauage so she could use it in her career in the future.

"I want to become an air hostess ka I have to use language, thats why I have decided to enroll at Naa Naa Chaat Uni, Bangkok. I didnt study in this field directly because when I first enrolled I had to learn the basics first plus English isnt our language it is very difficult. This is also the reason why I am very determined, studying at Naa Naa Chaat Uni. (International) is taught all in English I have to push myself to become more confident and fluent in English,"

"I believe that being an air hostess is a career that can collect many experiences and travel for free and also get money (laughs) but being an actress I want to be for long as I could "

Even though she might be new in the institute but because of her great personality plus her behaviour of talking straight and directly and being friendly with everyone therfore being a dara is not an obstacle of meeting new friends for her.

"With my friends at uni. we understand and get along with each other well ka. Sometimes we have to hand in our assessments together like what I said that I come only on Mondays-Wednesday as for the other days I usually stay at lakorn/movie set. Sometimes I forget the date to due in our assessment, my friends would ring me up and remind me 'Hoey! Dont forget to hand in your assessment' Its like this ka. I also ring them up to remind them as well"

"Other information and cute pictures could be found in Online Campus na ka"

** translated by: hunny & pnpa

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