Pats Bf accused of getting rid of Joy!!

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Pats Bf accused of getting rid of Joy!! Empty Pats Bf accused of getting rid of Joy!!

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Pat can’t take it anymore!!! She’s being accused of being part of the reason why Joy was dismissed from King Kaew Kah Fak.

Source from the inside reveals. Pat’s boyfriend encouraged the director in kicking Joy out from the twin role is King Kaew Kah Fak.

Nang’ek roon pee like “Joy-Sirilak Pongchok” that had a thunder strike her from the lakorn King Kaew Kah Fak, A’Jim’s company, had a press conference out saying that she does not know why she’s been kicked out. While the elders from Ch3 says that she knows exactly what the reason is, so she shouldn’t act like she doesn’t know why she’s been kicked out.

News are spreading out through the net that the real person behind all of this is nang’ek sao roon nong ma raeng ,“Pat-Napapa Tuntrakoon” and her boyfriend,Om, who is also a team member in King Kaew Kah Fak.

The following news states that…
Pat’s boyfriend who works in A’Jim’s office that claimed that he was a camera man, is actually just a team member in the lakorn that Joy played(Kong Jak Lai Dork Bua). Coming to the latest lakorn(King kaew Kah Fark) he is also in it too, but he ranked up from being a scenery arranger to Ch3’s assistant by using Jet’s sen to rank himself because Om(Pat’s bf) and Jet are bff. After being ranked up, Om didn’t stop there. After the role was adjusted , other pra nangs wanted to change theirs too. So the problem was entered into the meeting. Then bad luck came to Joy because Aom went to negotiate about changing the nang’ek. Jet(the director) was not happy with the new adjustments and the lakorn was not moving forward. So everyone was afraid that Joy would be unhappy because she comes everyday but there’s no filming going on. Om took that advantage and encouraged Jet to change the nang’ek to Pat if Joy is really unhappy, and so he can also work with Pat to the end. Also to show that he’s the assistant. Yeah, that’s very goodßsarcasm!. They said that at the meeting and they also had a backup P.R. and said that this will bring fame to the lakorn before it even airs.

So the team members from went to call Pat to ask for clarification about this news. When they called, Pat had this gloomy attitude, and a bad tempered voice, to even some point where she showed irritation clearly.

Reporter: Are you thinking that it’s Joy that came out to say this?

Pat: I don’t know.

Reporter: Do you know anything about Joy being kicked out from King King Kaew Kah Fak/

Pat: I don’t know anything. The elders didn’t tell me anything.

Reporter: Were there any contacts for you to play?

Pat: No, there weren’t.

Reporter: Does your bf, Om, work in TvScene, and is he close to Jet, Jim-Mayurachat’s son?

Pat: Yes, he’s been working there for a long time now. I’m not sure about that, but I think they’ve been friends since their school years. The reason why he’s ranked up is because of his skills. He’s been working there for many years and he was taught especially for that area.

Reporter: Is Om working in King Kaew Kah Fak too?

Pat: Well, yes, but I’m not certain about which parts he’s working on.

Reporter: When there was a break in the lakorn, did Om tell you anything?

Pat: Nope. His work is his work.

Reporter: How about the gossip that Om encouraged Jet in replacing Joy with you?

Pat: That’s not true. When we work, there’s no word friend involved.

Reporter: Do you feel you’ve been slandered?

Pat: Yes. They must be doing it for him/herself.

Reporter: Do you want to know who did it?

Pat: No. There’s no reason to. You can see who’s behind this. The person who is not benefiting. I didn’t do anything. I was just here and I had nothing to do with this from the start. As for my bf, he doesn’t need to care about me. Who’s job is there job. He doesn’t have the ability to go and propose anything because he’s just another employee.

Reporter: How are you with a news like this?

Pat: I’m still. It doesn’t have anything to do with me. I t has to do with the team members and the actors.

Reporter: If they do contact you, are you going to accept the role?

Pat: I’m happy, and yes, I would play if they ask me, but if I don’t get to play, then there’s nothing to be sad about. I have no rights to go a ask for something that isn’t mine.

Reporter: Are you afraid that people will look at you in the way that you took Joy’s job and your bf works there too?

Pat: No.

Reporter: News like this is out, have you spoke with you bf?

Pat: There’s no need. It’s not a big deal.

Reporter: There’s news that you’re getting 3 million(3 laan) for this lakorn. Is it true?

Pat: I don’t know, but I don’t think I’ll get up to 3 million. Ch3 takes care of everything. I can’t tell how much I’ll be getting.

Reporter: Do you think that it’s P’Joy’s side that’s letting this news out?

Pat: Well, you can already see who the real person is. It must be the side that’s loosing benefit, but this has nothing to do with me.

Reporter: How are you going to give encouragement to your bf with this kind of news out?

Pat: It’s not a big deal. The problem’s between the director and actor. It has nothing to do the with team members. He doesn’t have the rights to go and propose anything. If he had the rights, then everyone else should have them too.

Reporter: It said that Om got ranked up?

Pat: Being raked is a usual thing. He’s been working there for a long time now.

Reporter: Is Jet close with Om?

Pat: These 2 have been friends since their school years. Om graduated in photography.

Reporter: Did Jet invite Om into the office?

Pat: No, the office already needed someone.

Reporter: Are you going to come out a say anything about this?

Pat: No. It’s up to the elders. I don’t have any gain or lose in this.

Reporter: People are going to see that the elders are choosing you instead of Joy.

Pat: It’s up to the way you fit yourself. They love everyone.

Reporter: Are you going to go up and say anything to them?

Pat: No. It’s not my job.

Reporter: What projects do you have right now?

Pat: Mae Krua Kon Mai and Mafia Tee Ruk

Reporter: That means that your schedule is tight. Are you able to handle another lakorn like King Kaew Kah Fak?

Pat: I don’t know. The elders are the ones who adjust everything. I’m already working 7 days straight, but Mae Krua Kon Mai is about to be finished.

Reporter: That means that if the elders are able to clear your schedule, then you’ll accept King kaew Kah Fak?

Pat: There’s no problem with that. Work is work. If the elders arrange for me to play, then I’ll play.

Reporter: Are you bored with a news like this?

Pat: No, because this is Joy’s problem. It’s not my problem. If I get to play, then I’m happy.

If this is a lakorn promotion, then it sure it in people’s head now.

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