Por's 27th B-Day

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Por's 27th B-Day

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:36 am

Purple Lily

Here to inform like always. Bringing fans to celebrate a hot star of wik sam param 4 "Por Thrisadee Sahawong". This coming 23rd of January is Por's birthday. Let's see what he has planned for this year.

How old are you turning this year?

I am turning 27 this year. I don't really feel any excitment. I'm feeling a bit still, nothing much because it's not up to the range 30 yet (laughs) that's why it's kind of ok.

During the past few years, how has your life changed?

The past years... My life has changed a lot. The point that I've been received great opportunities. Having get to play lakorns and getting to work in this field area. Making otheres know me. Having work, money, and fame. It's also fun too.

What are you intending to do this year?

I'm planning to give charity to the community and/ or temple. I'm still deciding on which templeI should go to though. After that, I think I'm going to eat with my family at home. That's all because the chance for my family to meet up is rare. So I'm taking this chance to just stay home. Also because I'm ot into much of a birthday thing. So I'm not going to set a party or anything like that.

Well, if you were to set your party, how would it be like?

I would have a party at home. I'll also be inviting a lot of girls over (laughs) . So that is can be really exciting and fun. Every guy would have to be jealous of me.

If it's your birthday and you don't sing happy birthday, what would sing?

I would sing a Thai song (laughs). So people could ove each other a lot. I love Tai so I'd sing a Thai song.

Lastly we're asking for Por to wish your friends of the same month happy bithday.

Ok... I wish for everyone that is born in this month to reach their goal. To get whatever their heart wants, etc...

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