Pat's not afraid of being compared with Joy

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Pat's not afraid of being compared with Joy Empty Pat's not afraid of being compared with Joy

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:33 am

Pat's not afraid of being disliked because of replacing Joy!

Pat- Napapa replacing Joy after being removed from "King Kaew Kah Fak". She's ready for comparisons.

News says that Pat Napapa is getting 3 million more than what Joy was getting. Pat clears everything.

"Well that's true then I should be happy, but eveyone has a limit. The first year I came in, I was set to have this, the second, I'm set to have this depending on the elders. Also, if you have progressed or not."

Pat says she's not scared of being compared with 'roon pee' Joy.

"I'm not afraid. I've never played a twin role before so that's already hard enough for me. There'a no need to compare that if P'Joy plays, it would be better. All I know is that I'm set to play this lakorn and that I have to make it good and make it through.It's not like I'm replacing someone and I need to worry that I have to play better than this or that person. I have to get myself through it first."

Are you familiar with Joy personally?

"Everyones been asking me that and I have to say that I know P'Joy as Joy Sirilak Pongchoke a good n'ek in Ch3."

Are you scared of being disliked by Joy?

"We never talked to each other and I'm sure that P'Joy is old enough, I'm also only a 'loon nong'. If we see each other I guess there might be some nervousness, but we all know the truth."

News says that you're getting more money than most n'eks and the elders are protecting you.

"Everything is an order from the boss and that others know that I'm going to play this lakorn when I didn't even know myself. The elders aren't protecting me. What they're doing is because I had nothing to do with this from the beginning and they feel like I shouldn't be dragged into the whole thing."

Since eveything is cleared there, let's ask about your bf and you. It seems like you guys are fighting a lot.

"Most of the times we're just playing around but I guess it gets too serious sometimes? We can't think like the people that are watching us and they can't think like us. These days I still have my fans and I'm getting more work than before."

Then I'll ask to be behind you.
[Translation thanks to: Kristy^^


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