Pats nickname "Ling Noi"

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Pats nickname "Ling Noi" Empty Pats nickname "Ling Noi"

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:33 am

Even though have responsibiity to work and there capability are being appreciated/praised, they have the appearance that heaven has given them since they were born but celebrities would still be an ordinary person in the eyes of family members and friends that are not always pretty and photogenic when in front of the camera or even the center of attention of citizens. They might have a clumsiness, insanity that has no limit and not having or having any significance or pitiful like not having manners. Which is where nicknames happen to appear from friends or close people.

Pat Naprapa Tuntrakul

"Im nicknamed "ling noi" p'por (thrisadee sahawong) was the person that gave me this name, because i was naughty like a monkey, he saw that i was small and tiny so it was "ling noi". Its a cute name and im fine with it, and my fanclub are also ok with this.


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