Pat & Meji: Argument; 8-23-07 Dara Daily

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Pat & Meji: Argument; 8-23-07 Dara Daily Empty Pat & Meji: Argument; 8-23-07 Dara Daily

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News came out about jealousy behind the scenes that made nang rai ma raeng Meji Pimaksiporn confused.

Where did the news come from when the person doesn’t even know and confirms that she has a tight relationship with Pat Napapa.

Reporter from Dara Daily went to ask Meji about news that says Meji is having problems with Pat. Meji says she doesn’t know what this is about, she’s very confused and she doesn’t know why this person released the news.

This news did not make Meji worried or concerned in any way because the truth is not horrible like what the news says.

“ I don’t really feel concerned about this because it must have just been a misunderstanding. I don’t know anything about this. If I see Pat then there might be some questions, but we usually talk about work and ask each other about our daily life. You can say the Pat and I are like siblings. We are very close and we’ve never had any fight. We’re practically the same generation from Power3. I confirm that there are no problems for sure.”

Are you afraid that people will see you as a jealous person?

“Well, yes, but I can’t control it. Just as far as the people that are near knows that it’s not true then it’s okay. Pat and I still loves each other and it’s better for us to work our way and just focus on our jobs more than these stuff.”

How does it feel when people see you as a look ruk?

“No. It’s not really that I have more work. Everyone has equal works, it’s just that others might not have aired yet and mine airs first and also they’re kin of close to one another. I don’t have much really. All I have now is “King Kaew Kah Fak” and 1 that hasn’t started filming yet.”
Translation thanks to: Kristy^^


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