Meji denies selling big news about Pat!

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Meji denies selling big news about Pat! Empty Meji denies selling big news about Pat!

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:32 am

“Meji” denies selling news about “Pat”

Taking big news of Pat Napapa and sells them. Meji Pimaksiporn denies it and says she wouls never do anything to ruin nong. They are still loving sisters.

News coming out trying to ruin Pat and Meji’s relationship when they did nothing wrong? Rumors out that says Meji is selling Pat’s big news to this and that person, but Meji denies it. Also that Meji envies Pat because Pat gets bigger and better work. So when reporters spot Meji in an opening a bart transportation, they asked her and she said , “It’s not true for sure”, with a grin.

“News arguing with Pat? I don’t know about that myself. We’re not racing. We work separately. Besides, we work in different categories. Pat is a nang’ek and I’m a nang rai. Why should there be a reason that I’m jealous? By the ways, we’re together in King Kaew Kah Fak. We respect each other as sisters. We look out for each others.”

“There’s nothing. We’re like sister and close friends. We never argued. We always work together. For the part that I like selling Pat’s news, it’s not true. I don’t know where the news came from. Pat is a very cute and cheerful woman. You can tell from her lakorns. There are no problems for sure.”
Translation thanks to: Kristy^^


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