Pat - Perception of her career; September 2007

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Pat - Perception of her career; September 2007 Empty Pat - Perception of her career; September 2007

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Pat a dara conducting herself difficultly, Pat opens even if shes "perfect" she'd be accused of "hiding (fake)" but when shes herself it becomes a fussy, aggresive (bee klaa kaa kaeng), being herself is best.

Pat Naprapa Tuntrakul gives an interview that what she believes in being in the entertainment is to be youself, not afraid that no one will love you, as long as you work to your full capability and dont cause frustration for others. The rest you just need to let it happen... news and rumours, it is something you cant avoid.

"If I be "perfect" I'll be accused of "hiding (fake)" but if Im myself they say I'm fussy, aggresive (bee klaa kaa kaeng), its difficult standing in this position. Just say how we are just be like that, as long as theres no scandals its enough because this is the least that should happen " Pat says.

About work Pat says in the past she had the chance to play in many roles like comedy, drama etc, it has increased her performance. She didnt say how better her acting was but if theres still productions wanting her to cast in their lakorns you can say shes a reasonable actress.

"For my looks, I see many great looking actress stepped in the industry and left, because of this what counts is you acting skills. If i didnt have the skills and talents I might have stepped out already or have a lakorn once in a while" Pat mentions. She also says that, what she said it doesnt mean shes saying herself is good-looking and got great skills but she is lucky to recieve a great opportunity and that her works have gain feedbacks.

About her replacing Joy Siriluk in King Kaew, Pat says she not afraid of being compared because this isnt directly her problem all she could do is work. And about her salary, that people have said she'll be paid 3 million baht which is more than Joys pay, if it was true, she is more than happy. Pat says she has no right to decide, the executives will consider from her works.



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