Pat: "I'll hit on him myself"

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Pat: "I'll hit on him myself" Empty Pat: "I'll hit on him myself"

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:28 am

Right now in the lakor "Mae Krua Khon Mai" of Ch3 is just getting popular, but n'ek Pat Nopah Thunthrakoon is bold enough to open up about a bf, not afraid that her rating will fall.

"I'm not much of an open person. Just because I said that 'yes, I am seeing someone' doesn't mean that I am announcing that I'm getting married. I'm just 21. I don't even know what my future is going to be like. I want to work like this first. About the pictures, I understand. If I have a bf already and then I say that I don't, then all of a sudden there's always pictures of me and that guy, you guys will think that I'm hiding something. If I lied and said that I don't have a bf, then that's bad. But just saying this doesn't mean that I'm going to open up and tell you everything. If I walk out from work and you guys ask me, it's just something that I don't have to talk about. If you guys saw something, ok I'll answer it. But if you want to know his name, you'll have to find out yourselves."

Is this guy the same photographer guy?
"The same guy kaa."

There was news that you guys were arguing
"It's normal for young people na. We don't speak the same language with each other everyday. I am a normal human being. I am young. Love is not going to always perfect everyday. That day, we might be having a misunderstanding. Other days we might be ok. It's life."

Do you guys understand each other everyday now?
"Everyone's personality is not the same. Some days we understand each other, other days we don't. There has to be one that is hot and one that is cold, so it can be warm. We can't always have the guy make up for fights, that's ridiculous. If I can't take it anymore, I'll tell him, so he'll know. I work 7 days a week and I go to school to. I just get stressed. If I don't get to school on time, I give him the money to give to the teacher. Whenever I'm done with my homework, he'll take it and type it for me. He's a great guy that I've been with for 2 years now. Sometimes we both don't have time, so we have to understand each other. He knows I'm tired, so he'll help me with school and when the tests are. He finds out information about my schooling and tells me."

He's good, are you going to choose him?
"I don't really have many people hitting on me. I like to go hit on them first, because I feel that the people who come and hit on me first, I don't know what their intentions are. I want to be the one to choose. They come and hit on me because of me or because I am Pat Nopa the star on Ch3. I don't know if they want to meet me because they want fame or not."

So this guy you hit on first?
"Yes. haha. We work together. We just kept talking. I don't think anyone would be bold enough to hit on me. Not even a p'ek. I'm pretty well known, and I'm sure no one would be bold enough to do so. They probably think that since I'm a celeb, I would be more interested in celebs or hi-sos. Outside people think that way. So that way, don't worry, I'll choose myself and I'll hit on them myself."

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